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My Grandaughter Cassie while baking with grandma...

Messy kids are no problem... You can print as many Kids Recipe Cookbook copies as you need!

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Nick and his Mom making a cooking memory...

"I finished downloading the book!!!!!!!!

It is awesome! It is the best kids cookbook I have seen and I have searched the book stores.  I can't wait to give it to my niece for her 8th birthday."

Thanks so much,

Myrna - Ball Ground, Georgia

56 recipe pages that were originally created for my grandkids... fully illustrated with pictures kids will laugh at.  Your kids are going to love the easy to make cookbook recipes and memory journal pages.

Just look at what you get:

  • Kids Recipe Book and Memory Journal

    56 Fully illustrated pages

    Kids Safety Instructions

  • Not just decorating pre-cooked food, full recipes for creating complete meals

  • Child and Parent/Grandparent Friendly:

    Child Friendly with large size print

    Very limited use of the stove top or sharp knives - Child Safety First!

    Custom Cover Templates for child's photo and name

    Custom Dedication back cover template pages for your personal message

    A personal journaling page template so you can document the memories with both your words and your photos when you take them.

We Love That It's Also a Treasured Heirloom Journal... Something For The Kids To Take With Them When They Are Grown And Leave The House.  Something To Pass Along To Their Own Kids and Grandkids.

Kids Can Cook Recipe Cookbook:  Discover the joy of cooking and baking with kids recipes that make learning to cook fun.  And, you can add custom journaling pages to your child cookbook so you can document the memory forever!  Turn the children's cookbook into a treasured family heirloom of memories...

*** Supervision required on some recipes.***

Volume 1: Custom Digital Childrens Recipe Cookbook and Memory Journal.This instant downloadable collection contains 56 individual pages for of fully illustrated kids cooking recipes - That's not counting your journaling pages. 

We use an 8 1/2 x 11" paper format.  All you need to do is print and slip into waterproof sleeves (optional) on a 3 ring binder. Optionally, you can take them down to your local office supply store and have them bound for a more compact book. 

New - High Quality Spiral Bound books now available - see below.

This makes a wonderful personalized handmade gift for that hard to buy person or child on your list. 

The best part... once you buy the digitally downloaded kids recipe cook book, you can create and print as many copies of the children's cookbook as you need for everyone on your list.  For added enjoyment, buy mini baking pans, mini loaf pans,  baking sets and kids cooking utensils at your local department or cooking storeMy Grandson Nick helping out cooking in the kitchen.

Wrap the cook book(s) with the cooking pans and give to your special child.  Children love having their very own individual size pans to bake with.  I know that our grandkids, all 5 of them (boys and girls) sure love theirs.  Here's my grandson helping his Aunt Kris out recently ---->

For an extra special touch, use one of's scrapbook photo gift tags to finish off your holiday wrapping.  After the holidays, we offer free thank-you letter templates for younger children.

What Memories Are You Going To Pass On...  Will They Be Kids Can Cook "Memories Made In The Kitchen"?

Now only $8.00 $5.00! 

Get Kids CookBook Here

Instantly Access & Download After Purchase

Custom Cover, Index and Sample Pages:

(Click on Sample Pages for larger View in New Window)

Custom Cookbook Cover Sample for Volume 2: Kids in the Kitchen  Index image for Volume 2: Kids in the Kitchen

Sample Page for Volume 2: Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook  Sample Page 2 for Volume 2: Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook


Get Kids CookBook Here

Instant Download Access After Purchase


New Spiral Bound Book versions now available at:

Our Custome Children's Cookbook on a stack of just some of the Hardbound scrapbooks we have from Realbooks.

Ari, our oldest granddaughter and her hardbound children's recipe cookbook from's Kids Can Cook

(Click the Link Above for Full Details)

Spiral Bound for easy use - lays flat on the counter while you are using it. 

An HEIRLOOM that will be passed on and added to for generations to come.

You know, I still remember cooking with my "Nana" and it's been more than 25 years now since she left us.  "Memories Made In The Kitchen" are some of the strongest and most cherished that you will ever have or give. 

This is so much more than just a Set of Kids Cookbook Recipes.

It's the Treasure of a Lifetime!





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